Slickback Dance: Police Trainee’s Cool Move

Slickback Dance: Police Trainee's Cool Move

The latest TikTok trend a cool dance move called Slickback. This dance makes it look like you’re floating in the air when you lift and bend your legs in a special way. And guess what? A young trainee from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) nailed this move in a viral TikTok video, and it’s making people laugh!

Slickback Dance: A Cool Dance Trend and the History

Slickback Dance: Police Trainee's Cool Move

This cool dance is called the Slickback, and it’s like a dance step made famous by Michael Jackson. But instead of moving backward, this new dance craze in 2023 has dancers moving forward or sideways in a way that makes it look like they’re floating or gliding. It all started with a South Korean teen named Lee Hyo-cheol, whose TikTok video got super popular with over 231 million views! magine lifting and bending your legs in such a way that it seems like you’re floating off the ground. That’s what the “Slickback” dance move is all about. It’s the latest trend on TikTok, where people show off their dance skills.

Slickback Dance: SPF’s Talented Trainee

In the video shared by the SPF, you can see the trainee in a T-shirt and shorts gliding across an open area. It’s a place where others are doing physical exercises in the background. The young man with glasses seems to break the rules of physics with his smooth moves. The video has become a sensation, getting over 500,000 views and loads of funny comments. People are loving it!

Funny Comments Galore

One TikTok user asked why the SPF was sharing a video of the challenge. Someone else joked that if done correctly, the “Slickback” move can be even faster than running. They even said it could help officers catch up to criminals!

The New ‘Hentak Kaki’

People are saying that “Slickback” is like the modern version of “hentak kaki,” a Malay drill command used for marching in one spot. It’s a playful comparison!

Trainer Phrases

Some comments took the chance to remind everyone of things trainers often say. One post read, “SC, you better slick back properly!” Another asked, “Hey trainee, why do you look like you’re floating?”

This fun and lighthearted video. The Video shows that even police trainees know how to have a good time and join in on popular trends. So, next time you’re on TikTok, keep an eye out for the “Slickback” dance. The Slickback dance maybe can make you see more cool moves like this one!